Geoffrey Meade

Geoffrey MeadeName Given at Birth: Geoffrey Meade

Nicknames: I have been called Geoff at times but in no other way do I know of any other sobriquet that has attached itself with me.

Hometown or where you were born: In the Meade home adjacent to the Monastic lands of the Abbey of St. Augustine outside the wall of Canterbury

Current Residence: Griffon’s Lure, Canterbury

Age: 40 and 8

Class:  As a member of the City’s guard and therefore attached to the Sheriff I believe I would rank as Lower Middle class though some believe I am barely above the gravedigger and executioner in reputation.

What do you do, your main function in life/society: one of a dozen night watchmen for Canterbury

Have you ever gone skinny-dipping / do you know how to swim: I am apt enough not to drown immediately

Do you make fun of people: Yes

Favorite Color: Yellow

Have you ever committed or been convicted of a crime: Not that I am aware of

Closest friends/How did you meet: Stephan Farmer. We share a room at the Griffon’s Lure Inn. We met when we were both guards on the same watch at the northern Gatehouse

One Pillow or two: One if available

Pets: There are a couple of mousers at the Inn where I live that are occasionally in need of affection. But I have none of my own.

Favorite Type of Music: I like the music Lady Nancy plays

Hobbies/Pastimes: Dicing, or if I am feeling particularly clever word games

Personal Hygiene: I prefer to be cleansed, however some evenings, after escorting too many too far gone into their cups, that is an impossibility.

Favorite Food: Meat, cooked

Are your parents alive, do you get along with them: My parents, Thomas and Martha Meade, have left England and gone on toward God’s Kingdom

If your parents are dead, when and how did they die: Five years ago my father contracted a cold that took him in the dead of winter. My mother passed a little over two years later after a fall on ice from a late winter thaw. She lingered for two weeks before at last finding some peace.

Favorite place to relax: Back at the Inn

Favorite Holy Day / Why: September 25, St. Geoffrey’s Day, the date of my birth

Favorite Drink: Watered wine

What's your bedtime: After Lauds has sounded

What, if anything, do you usually wear on your feet: Boots

Are you married or single:  Single

Do you have a family / who are they: Two brothers, Richard and John

Favorite Entertainment: A tale well told

Favorite Subject in School or Chore growing up: I enjoyed Grammar, Rhetoric and Philosophy

Least Favorite Subject in School or Chore growing up: Moving the bees

Favorite Sport: Kubb

Most Humiliating Moment: I had made it through an entire summer without getting stung by bees. But as soon as I fell to boasting of it, I collided immediately thereafter with a hive.

Proudest Moment: Recovering and returning a cross belonging to St. Augustines

Craziest Person or silliest you know: The man in charge of the night watch, Master Dogsberry. I believe at times he does or says silly things just to make sure we are paying attention to our duties. But heaven help anyone who makes fun of him or refers to him in a less than respectful way.

What do you look for in the opposite sex: eyes of changing hues

In our Hierarchical Society everybody has somebody "over" them, who is your immediate "overlord": The Sheriff of Canterbury, the position currently held by Master John Nodding. He is a hale and hearty fellow more concerned with the peaceful reputation of the city and the safety of its people than with prosecuting every wayward drunk that stumbles his way toward home.

Favorite Sport to watch: Bowls

Do you remember your first kiss: Yes and the last one I experienced as well. I look forward to the next.

Do you keep in touch with your childhood friends: Some a little too frequently as I take them for incarceration or guide their stumbling ways back home.

Where is your favorite "Vacation" spot: I do not know that I have ever vacationed. I have been to Dover on a few occasions and it was nice.

Have you ever been overseas: No

Do you have Dirt/Mud floors or Stone: My chamber is up one flight of stairs so the floor is wooden.

What is your bed made of: Wooden frame, mattress stuffed with straw.

How many people sleep in your bed:  Stephen Farmer and myself share the bed and room, but never at the same time as he is a gatehouse guard during the day and I work at night.

10 Things Everybody Should Know About Me:

1. My pay is 2d a day

2. I work 7 nights a week, unless official duties require otherwise

3. I can assure all that the streets in my district are relatively safe at night

4. I cannot say the same for the alleys

5. My family has been making mead in Kent for many generations. My brothers Richard and John carry on the trade.

6. I can attest, but not to any reason I understand, that lovers prefer late evening assignations on Chandler Street

7. While I can sleep well through daylight hours, the sounds of a row always wake me.

8. I pick up a few extra coin each week guiding two merchants around ditches and away from alleys as the meander their way home from the taverns.

9. My job is hardest the night before and the evening after a faire or festival. That is when more people are up and about and some of those up to and about no good.

10. I swear by St. Matthew as patron of my labors.

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