Rolland Moore

Name Given at Birth: Rolland Moore

Nicknames: Lantos Boleyn; Amadeus Sweets; Sir William; & Roll And.

Hometown or where you were born: Northern Saxony; Dover, England; Shrewsbury, England; three streets over, canter berry.

Current Residence: the Romani encampment just outside Canterbury; Canterbury, England; I am visiting Canterbury in hopes of finding a wife this day; canter berry.

Age: 18; 23; 20; umm, younger than you. I think…

Class: A chavo of the best Romani Rom Baro in the entire world; the youngest of the Royal Fops in England; Nobility, obviously; middle of high low?

What do you do, your main function in life/society: I dance and sing with my Kumpania and work hard for Papa; I make the sweetest, tastiest candies in all of England. Would you like to try my famous lollipop?; I am in charge of our land now, as my father recently passed. So I am looking for a suitable bride to be at my side by the end of the week; roll and breath all day.

Have you ever gone skinny-dipping / do you know how to swim: aye, clothes grow heavy in water. I would choose always to swim without unnecessary garb making the refreshing water more of a laborious pursuit; nay, swimming would ruin my make-up; nay, I would not do such childish things as uncomely as swim like that, though I can swim fully clothed if the need arises; water? Can I have drink of it?

Do you make fun of people: Only those in my Kumpania and only when it lightens their mood. I wish not to make people unhappy, a smile be one of the greatest gifts of life; oh nay, I could never be so cruel; nay, that be unfitting of one in my position; nay, I find nothing to joke most times, but I do like making people have fun! I can roll and other stuff too. That how I got name. I Roll And more.

Favorite Color: Red-orange. The color of the flame that burns in each member of our Kumpania; the pale blue of the sky when only one cloud can be seen; the purple of night when all is quiet; grassy green.

Have you ever committed or been convicted of a crime: nay, not convicted; nay, there be no need to do such tremendous acts; nay, I be a keeper of order, not a breaker of it; is crime to eat wasted food or drink?

Closest friends/How did you meet: Zuri, Indera, and Cotel, my phen and phral. We grew up together in our Kumpania; Leopold Bloom, the Queen’s florist. I saw him my first day in the royal court and knew we would be great friends from how well he kept himself; my closest friend would without a doubt be my childhood schoolmate John Erickson. He and I went to school together, met ladies together, made jokes together, and then he was wed. His bride sees me as irresponsible and despises my visits, for I am older than John and not yet wed myself. So I am looking for a bride of my own to ease their house and continue on better visiting terms; Barnaby be nice to me once, then he got sick. He left so I be well still.

One Pillow or two: none as the grass is soft enough to rest my head upon; actually none, I rest my head upon my arm each night to keep things cleaner; I use no pillow now for I am constantly moving and do not have true need of this particular luxury; many rocks and hills make good pillows.

Pets: I would not want a pet even if I had the time and money to keep one, they do not work; pets are just in the way of people who come to see me, so I have not one pet. Unless you wish to be my pet for today; I have no use of a pet in my life, so I do not keep any ever-hungry beasts with me; nay, animal run when I roll and then gone.

Favorite Type of Music: The rhythmic beat of the drum be the best sound in the land, the only better music is the drum with singing voices in my Kumpania; I do enjoy watching those gypsy boys beat on their drums. Mayhap they could beat on me sometime later; the sound of a wee babe laughing and singing is the most inspiring sound I have ever heard. It is music to the spirit within us. This music be my favorite; grass eaters. You know, the bug which sings with wings in the night without fright saying, “Sleep dear people. Go to bed. I’m still awake. You’re safe and fed. So sleep my dear, and know you’re well. For we are here, never to tell.”

Hobbies/Pastimes: on the rare week when Papa grants a single extra moment, I simply like to relax or even sleep; mixing up new treats that may taste even more sweet, or sometimes when Leopold can afford me a moment I do enjoy learning and perfecting many dances; I do enjoy a good walk or run every now and again to keep me young. Though time of late has been fairly stressed as I continually must search for my bride to be; eat if there be food. If food be gone, I roll and more tricks too.

Personal Hygiene: better than Zuri and good enough to not anger Papa, though not as well as he would like; hygiene is a must if you are to keep clean and not ruin your make-up every five minutes, so mine is surely comparable even to the Royal Family; I keep clean enough to do what needs doing and then some, so on the whole I would rate it fair; “Hi Gene!”

Favorite Food: all meat be fine, but the finest surely is the turkey leg; lollipops and gum drops, tantalizingly sweet and easy to eat; triple chocolate cake; aye.

Are your parents alive, do you get along with them/ if your parents are dead, when and how did they die: aye, Papa is very dear to me. Though my mitri did pass when I was still quite young. I believe they say it was murder; my father is alive, though I see little of him. The death of my mother sent him into a state of shock and he has not been the same since. She was murdered when I was still very young indeed, and there is rumor that it was Alfred (my father) who did the deed; My mother passed when I was but a small child. I never heard what happened actually. She was singing to me one day, and the next day she was gone. I grew very close to my father over the years, yet he too passed on, though more recently. He came down with a most dreadful case of the fever so fast doctors had barely the time to tell what it was before his life ended so abruptly. May god rest their souls; I have not seen father, but mother went to lake for water and did not come back yet. She might be slow though or lost. It has only been eight summers.

Favorite place to relax: Papa’s vardo, but he must never hear of this; on the Royal Family’s gardens where I can feel the breeze in the shade as strong gypsy boys run by. I do like it when they run; in a large tavern with a good deal of ale; out of sun so I not burn bad.

Favorite Holy Day / Why: All Hallows Eve because I get to wear a mask and pretend to be someone I am not; All Saints Day, for I do enjoy balls and there is sure to be a very nice one on this day each year; All Hallows for it is a time to remember all who past before and to honor all saints without favoring any one; hallows eve for people sometimes let me in feast where much food is.

Favorite Drink: cider, especially when mixed with mead or ale; 1486 vintage white wine from the vineyards just outside the city of Toledo, Spain to the east; most ale is good, but my favorite would be ale and cider; drink. Wet be good.

What's your bedtime: late, when all chores are complete and fire burns low; promptly as the sun begins to touch the far end of the earth; when all business has been complete and I have had time to relax, usually quite late into the night; sleep is good.

What, if anything, do you usually wear on your feet: Sandals, if the weather allows; why new leather shoes of course; boots so I may work and not need worry of my feet; coverings.

Are you married or single: I be single; single, but you can fix that if you like; I am currently single and looking for a suitable bride; alone.

Do you have a family / who are they: I have a very large family indeed, and am proud to be among them. Cotel is the scribe of our kumpania, Goyo is Papa’s favorite, Vivianna is young and shy, Kenina is the keeper of the knife and blacksmith of our kumpania, Shandor is the strong hunter, Indera is very passionate and dedicated, Stasnia is our mistress of the Baldo and laundry, Syeira is our seamstress and a lovely singer, Isebella is a strong willed makosi (painter), Azreal is the tallest with a heart and willingness to help to match in stature, Zuri is a great dancer and assassin and is full of pranks, Esmerelda has left with her beloved Adonis, Adi is Papa’s personal messenger and very serious of thought, Sasha is of practical mind and the wheelwright of the kumpania, Santiago and Martino are twins and have both left on their own to seek out their fortune, Papa is the leader of our Kumpania and his opinion is our law, Carmina is Papa’s latest wife and a good mother to us all; I was an only child born to my mother, Isabell, and my father, Alfred. They raised me well and I love them dearly; I am the only heir to my father’s estate. My father, Jacob, and mother, Elizabeth, tried for many children but only I came to live beyond birth; my mom is nice, people used to call her Woman and Now.

Favorite Entertainment: I love to dance and sing with my family; I enjoy watching all those big, strong men compete in the joust; I like to occasionally indulge in the watching of the gypsy dancers; I can roll and then more fun things.

Favorite Subject in School or Chore growing up: I did much enjoy learning to write when Papa had me schooled; I enjoyed writing the most, though I never learned Greek; the principals learned in mathematics have been the most beneficial to me; Chores? What be those?

Least Favorite Subject in School or Chore growing up: I absolutely loathed learning Greek; mathematics was my weak point so I did not enjoy it at all; Greek. I simply could not get it; School? Is that fun?

Favorite Sport: dancing; jousting; jousting; I like big sharp knives.

Most Humiliating Moment: I accidentally interrupted Papa and Carmina late one day to tell of my chores completion and learned things I would not wish on anyone; I got all the way to my candy shop to open for business before realizing I had not done my make-up; I tried to fight a man and when I went to draw my sword noticed its absence, someone had stolen my sword right off my belt as I was wearing it; I sang good song and mama heard. We not understand what I sing.

Proudest Moment: the first time I learned an entire dance and could remember it the next day; when I learned how to make a candy that is both hard and chewy at once; Killing the boar for my fathers feast; I got FULL!

Craziest Person or silliest you know: Zuri is always finding new ways to do silly, crazy things when he thinks Papa can not see; I have a customer that buys some sweet treat each day. She always comes in trying to talk about how she might find the right man for her. Silly girl thinks that I am to be her mate for life; Ha ha ha. This is easy to answer, John! He is the craziest man I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. One perfect example was in our schooling together he would always find a way out of the room when our professor was lecturing. Oh, those be the good days of past; me. I roll and fall when I thinking.

What do you look for in the opposite sex: a gentle green light in the eye of the lady who can always wear a smile. She must be fit to live a gypsy life and I would love her to sing; opposite sex, why waste time on them? I need a young, strong man by my side; I be in search of a lady quite fair. Dark be her hair yet not her skin. Clean and homely in manners. She should like to be close and have a fine hand with food. This be the lady for me; I like gurls who talk. I really like them when they speak to me and do not mind when I roll and fall as I think.

In our Hierarchical Society everybody has somebody "over" them, Who is your immediate "overlord" Papa. He oversees our Kumpania very well; I serve under the King and Queen and if you wish I’ll serve you too; Lord Gilbert as he was the one man whom my father followed till his dying day; I think everyone? Or is it me? I not remember.

Favorite Sport to watch: jousting; jousting; sword fighting; rock rolling.

Do you remember your first kiss: aye, but I have learned not to tell this tale to any ears; aye, but for his sake I shall not give the name or situation; nay, I have not yet kissed a lady’s lips; nay, no she will kiss me.

Do you keep in touch with your childhood friends: aye, each day I do speak with most of my friends for they are also my family; nay, I have journeyed far from home and have little contact with anyone there; aye, I regularly enjoy the company of my friends; nay, all got ill and went away.

Where is your favorite "Vacation" spot: What be a vacation? I have not had one of those; I love visiting the members of the French Royal Court; I have no time for vacationing with all that I must look after; vacate shin?

Have you ever been overseas: Aye, when I was very young; aye, though it has been a while now; nay, any way of travel off of solid ground makes me uneasy; nay, I’ve not left Canterbury.

Do you have Dirt/Mud floors or Stone: dirt floors as I sleep under the vardo; stone floors mostly, unless I’m walking outside; some floors be stone some be dirt depending on the room; dirt is nice, much softer than stone.

What is your bed made of: dirt as I sleep on the ground; feathers of goose and duck; straw, it is most common for those beneath me but I like its firmness; dirt, outside.

How many people sleep in your bed: all of my phen and phral sleep on the same ground; just me; myself alone till I wed; me.

10 Things Everybody Should Know About Me:

1. I sleep often throughout the day.

2. Depending on my mood I may seem to be different people.

3. I am truly friendly though most people leave me alone.

4. I am known for my unique habits in daily life which are apparent if you see me even once.

5. I can sleep absolutely anywhere.

6. I rarely have a full conversation with one person without them growing restless, though I do not know why.

7. I enjoy eating, and am usually hungry all day long.

8. I must wear custom made attire at all times.

9. My mother died when I was pretty young.

10. I love to sing and dance.

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