Kid the Satyr

Kid the SatyrName Given at Birth: My REAL Admete Edies Ellttra Keetje Methodios. But if you call me that, I'll beat you up.

Origin of your given name: My father always told me that my name means something magnificent. He gave me my first name, which means untamed. He gave me that name in hopes that I would become unstoppable. Edies means shining, as in I'll shine above the rest. Ellttra means shield, so I could be strong enough to protect not only myself, but others as well. Keetje is horned, obviously because I'm a satyr, but it ties in with my last name. Methodios means fellow travelers, because my mother's people traveled the lands. So all in all, my name means "Untamed shining shield of horned fellow travelers."

In my mother's footsteps, I plan to follow. My father was a very powerful Knight. His name was Keilan, and even though everyone else we met called me a demon child, he still loved me. He told me to ignore them, that they were mere mortals who were non the wiser. Once, it was so horrible that I wasn't even allowed to leave the house. I was five then, I remember because the villagers threw rocks at me as we left. He called me Kai when I was younger because I held onto the keys. When I was nine, my father was murdered. I had gone to get something from the cellar and when I came back up, he was fighting a rebel. He told me to run as far as I could and not come back. But I did. I came back not long after the rebel had left and I saw him laying on the ground, drowning in a pool of his own blood. Within his last minutes, he prayed to Oberon, asking him to take me in as a gift. My father was rewarded when an almighty voice called out, saying that he accepted me.

Nicknames: Kid the Great! Though most of the Shadows just call me Kid. My original nickname was given to me by my father. It was Kai, which means “keeper of the keys”. He called me that because when I was younger I would carry things for him, mostly keys.

Of what Spirit Folk are you?: I was blessed and cursed all at once. I was given life as an immortal. Though the mortals where I grew up at never understood that, I am proud to be a satyr.

Are you a Shape-shifter? If so, what is your favorite form: My favorite form is a raccoon. Or a fox. I can't decide. I like both of them because they are sly and tricky. The trickery element, however, goes to the raccoon. And though the fox was sly, he gave up on the grapes because they were to high to reach.

How do the Mortals perceive you when in their realm?: Depending on where I am, they see me for who I really am. And by that I mean a satyr. I feel more comfortable in my true form. But until I'm stronger, I will not show my true form where I was born. I'm afraid that if I go back, they'll beat me down like they did when I was younger. It scares me. So that's why I become a fox or a raccoon depending on what mood I'm in.

What is your patron Element?: Well, to be honest, I don't have one yet. But that doesn't mean I won't! Maybe I'll have all the elements one day. I want the element of magic. Or spirit. I want those one's because in my mind, they're the strongest. I don't want to be weak.

Were you born or created, and where?: I was born in Romania, my mother and her people had stopped there for some reason. I guess fate decided that it was time for a new satyr to be born. That's when my mother met my father. My father was a knight, and it was tricky because he couldn't hurt people for being mean to me. After I was born, my mother waited until I could open my eyes, said goodbye, and stepped out of my life forever. Sometimes, I wish she hadn't.

Have you any family?: I have Anvil. He's technically my half brother, but I don't see it as that way. He's my only blood brother. Hell, we don't even know where our mother is, both of our dad's are dead, and we just met for Puck's sake! Well, we didn't JUST meet, but you get the idea. My other family could count as the Shadows. They did take me in after all. And don't tell them I said this, but I MIGHT love them. Just a little. Plus, I want to be just like Puck.

What Immortal Monarch are you bound to/follow?: Before my father died, he was a big human follower of Oberon. As he was dying, my father prayed to Oberon to take me as a gift. After he died, Oberon came to me and told me I could come to him when I was ready, mostly because he didn't want me right then. But I was grateful, and I still am.

Are you a keeper or ward of another Immortal/Mortal?: Not that I know of. But I might be one day. And when I have one, I'll protect them with my life. Not that I can die or anything, but it's the thought that counts right?

How do you feel about this person?: I feel like he's non-existent. Oh, wait a minute...he is!

What are your dealings with Mortals?: Depending on how hungry I am, they're dinner. But most of the time I don't bother them, and they don't bother me. Or if the Shadow's do anything with them, I'm obligated to follow.

Favorite Color and Why?: My favorite color is the periwinkle that the sky is right before dark; when the satyrs come out to play. Or it could be the dark velvet the sky is when we rendevouz.

What Immortal plain do you hail from?: I don't think I hail from anywhere, but my mother was from Olympia with all the other satyrs and beings. I like to think that I generate from Olympia.

Closest friend(s), how did you meet: My closest friends would be the Shadows. They are always there for me, if unwillingly. But the only one I can count to be there for me forever is Anvil. I met the Shadow Court after Anvil and I met, and Oberon took me in. Seeing as I'm a satyr, I obviously got sent to the Shadow Court. They were uneasy at my age first, they thought I couldn't handle the trips and journeys we would take. Anvil told them about how we met and they let up.

Favorite type of music and why?: My favorite type of music is really any kind of music. I like music. I play the violin remotely well, and I love too no matter how bad I play. My violin was a gift from my father, one of the only items from my past.

What is your favored food?: My favorite food are strawberries. I like them because they taste yummy, and they're easy to carry around. And I'm pretty sure all of the Shadows like them as well.

What is your favored drink?: My favorite drink would have to be water. Mostly because I'm “too young” to drink bubbly beverages.

When do you take your rest?: I take my rest when ever the Shadow's nest. Hey! That rhymed! Back on topic; the Shadow's normally sleep on the ground. Or we make nests. Hehe. Nests.

Are you married or single?: I'm single. Mostly because I'm 16 and satyrs normally don't have mates. But I guess I could be different right?

What do you look for in a mate?: I look for someone who will take care of the “kid” I might have one day. Someone who is mostly dependable.

Most humiliating moment: Do I have to? Where should I start. It was a fine morning, the best one I had ever seen. And then IT happened. I turned around for TWO SECONDS and Puck sneaks up behind me, lifted me up, and put me up in the highest tree around. I was stuck for maybe 5 hours.

Proudest moment: My proudest moment happened one fine evening, the best one I had ever seen. I was slowly making my way down the tree when I saw Puck standing there, like a sitting duck, talking with Pyrros. I didn't even look to see how far I was from the ground. I jumped from the branch I had been perching on and latched onto Puck's shoulders. I swear to Oberon he screamed like a young human child. It was the best moment of my life.

Who do you adore?: I adore my big brother, because he's strong. Not only is Anvil stronger than the largest mountain, but he's also strong in heart, mind, and soul. I want to be just like him when I get older. I love my big brother.

Silliest Person you know: This is a no brainer. The silliest person I know has to be Puck. You can probably guess why that is, but he's the kind of person you would catch making goo-goo eyes at his reflection.

10 things Immortal and Mortals alike may know about you:
1. I really love to make music, especially on my violin.
2. I may not be good at expressing it but I love the Shadow's and our fae sisters.
3. I'm the youngest in the Shadow court, and sort of proud of it.
4. My favorite pass time is either making music, learning how to fight, or being with my older brother.
5. Sometimes I feel lonely, mostly when I remember my father's death. But when I'm around the Shadow's, all the pain goes away.
6. From experience, I know when someone is upset. I can read body language pretty well.
7. I like to be around Pyyros because if my element isn't magic or spirit, I want it to be fire.
8. People and magical beings alike think I'm a girl, and some days I shape shift into one just to confuse them.
9. I know how to read, but sense the other satyrs read the old language, we don't have any books.
10. I love being outside, and get slightly claustrophobic when I'm indoors for long periods of time.

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