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In our Hierarchical Society everybody has somebody "over" them, Who is your immediate "overlord" 

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Do you remember your first kiss: 

Do you keep in touch with your childhood friends: 

Where is your favorite "Vacation" spot: 

Have you ever been overseas: 

Do you have Dirt/Mud floors or Stone: 

What is your bed made of: 

How many people sleep in your bed: 

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RealName: A.J. Pflumm
CharacterName: Anthony Plum
BirthName: Anthony Nicholas Plum
Hometown: Canterbury
CurrentResidence: Cantebury
Age: 15
Class: Servant to the King
FavoriteSporttoWatch: The jousting matches
Floors: The King's floors are marble.
Bed: My bed is a simple hammock that is lined with satin.
SleepinBed: Only I sleep in my bed. I can't bring ladies to it because my room is the King's room.
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I serve His Majesty, the King loyally.


The King does not go near water so I have never swam before.


I never make fun of people, unless it is the Jester, then I pick at him all that I want. (The King is annoyed by him)


Red because it symbolizes my undying loyalty to His Majesty.


I sometimes sit on His Majesty's throne when I have had a long day and I am alone. His throne is very comfortable. I have yet to be caught.


My closet friends are the Gypsies. The King, being married to a Gypsy, once invited them to a picnic. I came along and got to know many of them, including their star, Esmerelda. I very much so like the Gypsies because of how kind they are.


None. I sleep in a hammock at the foot of the King's bed, just in case he needs some item during the Witching Hour, when it is unsafe for him to wander about.


There is actually a goat in the King's farm that I am quite fond of. I named him John and every day I go to his pen, play with him and feed him some table scraps.


I can play the flute and ocarina and do so for the King when we are on outings. I very much so enjoy the music and so does His Majesty.


My only pastime is playing with John the Goat and working for His Majesty.


I only bathe twice a year. Don't you know that plunging into water can kill you?


I taste-test the King's food for poison and he is very fond of lamb. I have developed a liking for it.


My parents are actually the Duke and Duchess of Canterbury. I love them very much. If it weren't for them, I would not have started working for the King at the age of ten.



I like to sit by this lovely willow tree in the Enchanted Forest. Sometimes, I think that Titania will play tricks on me and pull my hat over my head, but it's all in good fun, so I don't get mad.


Christmas. The King is always so generous with his money on that day and it warms my heart to see the peasents rejoice at his parades.


I actually quite enjoy a chocolate drink that comes from Spain. It's sweet and bitter all at the same time.


My bedtime is always in the odd hours. I have to prepare the King's clothes and make sure that everything is clean for His Majesty.


The King actually gives me his old boots and because they are worn in, they are very comfortable.


Currently, I'm single, but I fall in and out of love so quickly, it give me headaches. One day I could love a Gypsy, the next I could love a princess. Either way, it causes much confusion amongst Canterbury.


The only family, besides my parents, that I know of is a Grandmother who is a Duchess in Wales, and an uncle who is a Lord in some Spanish city.


I am entertained by the fact that the princesses seem to enjoy spinning around and around in circles. It is very funny to watch them stumble around and fall down on the floor.


I enjoy brushing off His Majesty's cloak because I am getting to handle royal clothing. It feels very nice.


I do not enjoy having to place my tabbard over mud holes for His Majesty. The grime always makes me feel 10 pounds heavier and it is not enjoyable in the winter.


I like to play fetch with the Queen's lemur. He can catch balls in mid-air. It's amazing!


Once, I was in love with one of the princesses and I invited her over to meet John the Goat. I wanted to show her how well with animals I was. I was petting John and talking to the princess at the same time and I guess I rubbed John the worng way. He nipped at my buttocks and I jumped up screaming that a demon had bit me. I ran around and tripped over a pig and landed in a pile of the pig's dung. It was not very enjoyable for me.


My proudest moment would have to be when I actually chased off a beggar who tried to pick the King's pockets. The King was very grateful and let me have the rest of the day off.


The princesses are by far the craziest people I have ever met. They enjoy the strangest of activities.


I look for kindness and a passionate soul in a woman.


The King is my immediate overlord.


I am very grateful to His Majesty and I prove my love of him every chance I get.


I have never stayed in a relationship long enough to kiss a woman. I am very sad and ashamed of that fact.


I will sometimes see a friend in the streets of Canterbury and will talk with them at a pub that the King likes to go to.


The King has a little cottage in the middle of the Enchanted Forest. It is right next to where Titania and Oberon's dwelling is supposed to be. The scenery is very peaceful.


I have never been overseas. I am too frightened to go.


I am frequently told that I am a half wit. Just because I always trip over stones and am constantly confused does not mean I am a half wit!!!


I enjoy watching the Gypsies dance.


Even though I fall in and out of love, my longest relationship was a week with a Gypsy girl.


I have broken a leg before when I fell off a horse during one of the King's hunting sessions.


My Grandmother actually wanted me to become a priest instead of servant.


When my parents die, I will become the Duke of Canterbury and then must find a wife for me.


I can sometimes find out the juiciest of gossip just by walking around the Gypsy dwellings.


My hero is a man named Robin Hood that I have heard some much about. He is evidently a great marksman and is very shrewd.


I like the lemur, no matter what the King says.


I once mistook the Empress of Madagascar for a peasent when she was travelling incognito. I insulted her when she walked in front of me and made me trip. The King had to do much appeasing to her so that she would let me stay and not have to go to the stocks.


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