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Coming Up at the Renaissance Festival:

  • Thursday & Friday, April 23 & 24 - auditions for the 2015 season
    You must call 913)721-2110 to make an appointment
    Auditions will be at the Open Arms Community of Christ
    1021 W College, Independence MO 64050

  • Saturday, April 25 - KCRF at the British Gala
    Get the details and sign up for the promo at the facebook page

  • Saturday, May 2, 11:00 a.m. - Kansas City Renaissance Festival at the Mushroom Festival
    Get the details and sign up for the promo at the facebook page


Who should you contact if you want to sign up for a promo?

Alex Harmon

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for a promo, please call Alex -

Promo Etiquette:

  • Show up! If you no show a promo, you're leaving someone else holding the bag!
  • Be on time!
  • Check in with the person in charge. It's your responsibility to find them, not the other way around. Lots of times it will be someone who doesn't know who we are, just check in and move on.
  • Only wear festival approved costumes.  This includes accessories such as bags and shoes and jewelry, and the things you drink and eat out of.
  • Bring appropriate drinking utensils. Especially for a parade, you need to make appropriate arrangements for drinking. You're going to want water at the 4th of July parade and no plastic water bottles allowed.
  • Clean and press your costume before you go out. It may seem a little ridiculous to say this, but I see more wrinkled, smelly costumes at promos than anywhere else. We represent the fair where ever we go. It's our responsibility to look our best at all times!
  • No smoking in costume when in sight of the public.
  • No anachronisms - no watches or inappropriate costumes just because it's a promo.
  • No inappropriate behavior. We're judged more harshly at promos than anywhere else we go. Please be aware of your audience and make the appropriate choices about how you conduct yourself.
  • Remember that we are the ambassadors of the fair. It's up to us to promote it in a positive fashion whenever we're out in costume!

Contact & Other Important Information:

MaestroEntertainment Director - Jim (Maestro) - Questions about being a performer at the fair, whether that's as a street character, musician or stage show performer.

Entertainment Assistant - Jason - Questions about being a performer at the fair.


Erika AtkinsCostume Coordinator - Erika Atkins.  Questions about costuming can be directed to Erika.


WispEnchanted Court Coordinator - Erica Keithley
Questions about the Enchanted Court should be directed to Erica.


SuzanneRoyal Court/Scenario Coordinator - Suzanne.  Questions about Royal Court or Scenario should be directed to Suzanne

Children's Realm CoordinatorChildren's Realm Coordinator - Linda Boyce - Linda is the person to talk to if you want to work in the children's realm. Call the festival office to get more information.


Sean Murphy, Living History CoordinatorLiving History Coordinator - Sean Murphy - Sean is the person to talk to about the Living History Program.



Sales & Promotions - Will - You can sign up for promos by contacting Will via email or call him at 913)721-2110.



The WebmistressWebmistress - Rnee' - Questions about the web site, to let me know about dead links or if you have a fun web site to share.


Phone number for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival Office:

Just for fun:

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Click to join KCRF Entertainers

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While visitors are always welcome here, the information on these pages are for the entertainers. 
The rules and information you find herein will apply only to contracted performers of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  

 If you are a visitor and wish to find more information about the festival, please visit the KCRF Web Site